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College teachers must get enrolled in professional development training to improve their careers. This will also have a positive effect on the student’s life. Apart from the training programs, the teachers must also read professional development books for self-improvement. Here are some books that are recommended.

Teacher Educators and their Professional Development

Edited by – Ruben Vanderlinde, Kari Smith, Jean Murray, Mieke Lunenberghis

This book is about the professional development of teacher educators. It is a great resource for the experts who conduct professional development programs and the teachers as well. Here you will know about the various research works conducted on the topic.

The book has been recommended by educators in different parts of the world. The book will help to develop professional development programs.

Positive Classroom Discipline

By – Fredric H. Jones

The book is about implementing techniques in the classroom to ensure a healthy environment for the teachers and students. Social and behavioural science are used to provide approaches for discipline management. You will learn about various theories and practices that you can implement in the classroom.

As a teacher, you will be able to have full control of the classroom and ensure that there is no fuss. If you are someone who is looking for ways to bring discipline to the classroom then this book is for you.

Teaching with Your Mouth Shut

By – Donald L. Finkel

In this book, you will read a case study of a teaching situation that facilitates student learning. Teachers can read this book to apply the activities to the students. It is a great manual for the teachers that can be helpful to apply the right approach to the students.

These books will help you to understand how effectively you can teach and what professional development can lead to. You will be able to take classes in a better way after reading the books.